Furnace Transformer


  • Transformers are designed for induction furnace, arc furnace; submerged arc furnace application

  • Magnetic circuit – CRGO silicon steel lamination

  • Electric circuit – electrolytic grade 99.9% pure copper with transposition in LV coil for current sharing in parallel conductors

  • Dielectric circuits – electric grade press paper, boards and mineral oil

  • Thermal circuit – adequate cooling ducts are provided radially; axially for the smooth flow of oil internally. Radiators cooling banks are provided for natural air cooling ONAN; additional fans for ONAF cooling. High current transformers are provided with OFW cooling


  • Vacuum impregnated and cast resin dry type distribution transformer

  • 3 phase, 50 Hz in voltages of 11kV, 22kV & 33kV

  • Off-circuit tap changer to provide any range as per standards

  • On load tap changer to provide any range as per standards

  • Class A, uniform/non-uniform insulated

  • Any vector group as per standards

  • Duty cycle as per standards

  • Painting as per Indian / International standards

  • Both HV & LV side outdoor bushings or cable boxes

  • Cooling oil to water heat exchanger, radiators / fans.

  • Fittings as per Indian / International standards

Optional Accessories

  • Winding temperature indicator and oil temperature indicator with remote indication

  • RTDs for winding temperature measurement